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All other expression is not subject to prior restraint. It has been repeatedly held by this court that a proclamation subsequently declared void is no proclamation at all and while a proclaimed candidate may assume office on the strength of the proclamation of the Board of Canvassers he is only a presumptive winner who assumes office subject to the final outcome of the election Case digest political law.

His assumption of office as mayor cannot be deemed to have been by reason of a valid election but by reason of a void proclamation. The rights of person appearing in or affected by such inquiries shall be respected. Since it is not a mandatory imposition, the directive cannot be characterized as an exercise of the power of control.

The SC affirmed the decision. Acquiescence in the loss of fundamental rights is not to be presumed and courts indulge every reasonable presumption against waiver of fundamental constitutional rights.

Thus, it was applied to a criminal case when a declaration of unconstitutionality would put the accused in double jeopardy or would put in limbo the acts done by a municipality in reliance upon a law creating it.


However, even assuming for the sake of argument that the airing of the Garci Tapes constitutes unprotected expression, only the courts have the power to adjudicate on the factual and legal issue of whether the airing of the Garci Tapes presents a clear and present danger of bringing about a substantive evil that the State has a right and duty to prevent, so as to justify the prior restraint.

Local fiscal autonomy does not rule out any manner of national government intervention by way of supervision, in order to ensure that local programs, fiscal and otherwise, are consistent with national goals.

Ermita, it was held that Congress must not require the Executive to state the reasons for the claim with such particularity as to compel disclosure of the information which the privilege is meant to protect.

Case Digest Political Law

Standing to File Petition Petitioner has standing to file this petition. Morales, along with other court personnel Case digest political law charged in the same case. In other words, there is a natal or supervening disabling factor in the person, an adverse integral element in the personality structure that effectively incapacitates the person from really accepting and thereby complying with the obligations essential to marriage.

If the prior restraint is not aimed at the message or idea of the expression, it is content-neutral even if it burdens expression. As such, one of the essential requisites for the exercise of the power of judicial review, the existence of an actual case or controversy, is sorely lacking in this case.

This rule, however, is not absolute. The prevailing test in this jurisdiction to determine the constitutionality of government action imposing prior restraint on three categories of unprotected expression — pornography,31 advocacy of imminent lawless action, and danger to national security — is the clear and present danger test.

Julia attacked the complaint and she said that it is Leouel who is incompetent. There, the Court enumerated the cases in which the claim of executive privilege was recognized, among them Almonte v.

In the Motion for Reconsideration, respondent Committees argue that the information elicited by the three 3 questions are necessary in the discharge of their legislative functions, among them, a to consider the three 3 pending Senate Bills, and b to curb graft and corruption.

While there can be no prior restraint on protected expression, such expression may be subject to subsequent punishment,27 either civilly or criminally. Section 44 of the Local Government Code makes no exception.

The opinion of an expert was sought wherein the psychologist subsequently ruled that both parties are psychologically incapacitated. The power to enter into an executive agreement is in essence an executive power. Courts have no authority to interefer with the grant by the President of a pardon to a convicted criminal.

These are the twin postulates vital to the effective functioning of a democratic government. Morales should be found guilty of gross misconduct.

The conditional pardon granted the said appellant shall be deemed to take effect only upon the grant of such withdrawal. PI should refer to no less than a mental not physical incapacity that causes a party to be truly incognitive of the basic marital covenants that concomitantly must be assumed and discharged by the parties to the marriage which Art.

The fact that a power is subject to the concurrence of another entity does not make such power less executive.

Enriquez III, authorized disbursements for their salaries and other emoluments. Second, the government bears a heavy burden of proving the constitutionality of the prior restraint.

Of course, if the courts determine that the subject matter of a wiretapping, illegal or not, endangers the security of the State, the public airing of the tape becomes unprotected expression that may be subject to prior restraint.

On December 13,former President Corazon C. Upon knowing this, Rowena said that it is better if they live separate lives from then on. Romeo Lonzanida was elected and had served as municipal mayor of San Antonio, Zambales in termsand b. The case involves a situation of exceptional character and is of paramount public interest; c.

The constitutional issue raised requires the formulation of controlling principles to guide the bench, the bar and the public; d.

The case is capable of repetition yet evading review. Javellana vs. executive secretary 50 scra 33 InMarcos ordered the immediate implementation of the new Constitution. Javellana, a Filipino and a registered voter sought to enjoin the Exec Sec and other cabinet secretaries from implementing the said constitution.5/5(1).

Business Law Kikuchi, Nikka Lei N. October 14, Cuadra v. Monfort Case Digest Statement of the facts: I. Maria Teresa Cuadra and Maria Teresa Monfort were classmates in Grade Six at the Mabini Elementary School in Bacolod City.

On July 9, their teacher assigned them, together with three other classmates, to weed the grass in the school premises.

READ CASE DIGEST HERE. Republic of the Philippines SUPREME COURT Manila EN BANC G.R. No. August 18, ROMMEL C.


ARNADO, Petitioner, vs. COMMISSION ON ELECTIONS AND FLORANTE CAPITAN, Respondents. Facts: Petitioner was charged with violation of Section 2 (4) of the revised securities act. Respondent filed to cancel the passport of the petitioner and to. Adopting an Integrated Law Curriculum to Facilitate Cross-Border Law Practice in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Case digest political law
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