Clean edge razor

It involves technological innovations like the other products in the market, but it has more updated technological features.

Double-Edge Safety Razor

What are the strategic implications of your recommendation? In addition, there are groups of consumer who are completely not interested in the product category and are known as maintenance shavers,where as the involved consumers are those who tend to try new products.

This process aligns the cutting edge properly with the back of the blade, avoiding "bumps" on the cutting edge. Its point profile resembles a quarter circle, but with a sharper angled curve, and while it ends in a similarly sharp point as the square point it lacks the abrupt straight line edge profile.

This percentage of carbon content ensures optimum hardness, flexibility and resistance to wear. Any deterioration in the quality could potentially hurt sales of other products.

Clean Edge Razor

The non-disposable razor market has, and will continue, to show growth in future years. In addition, targeting the entire three consumers segment would increase the likelihood of increased sales and revenues of the Clean Edge razor.

The upper, rounded, edge of Barber's notch was designed to aid in pulling the blade from the scales. However, both the strategies would also help the company better capture the market share and increase its sales volume. Clean edge razor Edge appears to have this advantage.

Page 6 of 11 5 Establish contracts with the new retail channels such as mass merchandisers and club stores so that Paramount non disposable razors can be placed at the right eye level for the users to Clean edge razor Paramount products. They also do not have to be rinsed as often, because their blade acts like a scoop and carries the lather on it during multiple shaving strokes, while the multi-blade razors are not nearly as efficient at such a task because of their considerably smaller blade geometry.

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They treat the shaving as a chore and do it inconsistently. This point should be used with care when shaving or stropping, as it tends to "bite" due to its pronounced edges.

The ridge stabilizes the blade against torsional flexing in a direction perpendicular to its longitudinal axis by acting as a lengthwise spine for the blade. The following observations should frame any discussion of potential marketing plans: Paramount, as an overall market leader with a good reputation, will be able to successfully capture significant market share in this growing segment.

As an example, a French point blade is usually flat ground. This new product would give Paramount much needed boost to position itself as a leader in Super-premium segment and technology giant for non disposable category.

However, they managed to reach 3 in market share and unit-volumes by superior technology and releasing superpremium products. A closer analysis of Benet and Klein and Prince figures for indicate that consumers may be moving from the moderate market segment towards the premium markets.

Speaking of the budget allocation, I will recommend the company focus on the advertising more. Mad magazine announced the "Trac 76", arranged as a chain of cartridges with a handle on each end. This uses narrow blades stored in an injector device with which they are inserted directly into the razor, so that the user never needs to handle the blade.

The market was filled with new products in the category of non-disposable razors and refill cartridges, and the introduction of such new products increased in the recent years.

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Blade A is less hollow than blade B, since blade A has more material than blade B. LinkedIn Clean Edge Razor: Variations in razor head designs include straight safety bar SBopen comb OC toothed bar, adjustable razors, and slant bar razors.

There are also secondary edge types that derive from a combination of the above such as half round point incorporating round edges joined by a linear segment. More serious nicks can be attended with direct pressure for perhaps a minute with a styptic pencilor with an application of a household astringent such as witch hazel.

Inthe British company Wilkinson Sword began to sell blades made of stainless steelwhich did not corrode nearly so quickly and could be used far longer. Occasional regrinding by a professional may be required to restore a badly worn or damaged edge. Although these brands of single-edge razors are no longer in production, they are readily available in antique trade, and compatible modern designs are being made.

How is the non-disposable razor market segmented? New entrants were coming to market with super premium products, technology and greater advertising dollars to gain market share.

Prince sold non disposable razors in super-premium category. History[ edit ] Bronze razor with handle from Ancient Egypt during the New Kingdom - BC Various forms of razors were used throughout history, which are different in appearance but similar in use to modern straight razors.

Moreover, the success in this market was attributed by the innovations in the products.Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning Case Solution, Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning Case Solution 1.

Develop and articulate the positioning strategy for Clean Edge (Target Segmen. Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning Case Analysis Marketing Concepts Problem/Decision Identified This case is about ‘strategic positioning’ decision dilemma of a newly developed technologically advanced product.

Clean Edge Razor Haifeng Chen 1. What changes are occurring in the non-disposable razor category? Assess Paramount’s competitive position. What are the strategic life cycle challenges for Paramount’s current product as well as for Clean Edge?

Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning Case Solution, Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning Case Solution 1.

Case Study “Clean Edge Razor”

What are the arguments associated with launching Clean Edge as a: a) Niche p. A well-known health and beauty company, Paramount is launching a high-technology nondisposable razor, Clean Edge. They are searching for. The feather double-edge safety razor is a efficient butterfly opening safety razor that combines affordability with performance.

Carefully designed for easy handling and superior grip, and built with quality materials including stainless steel.

Clean edge razor
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