Edld 5301 week 2 assignment

Remember if you wish to follow-up on the topics these scholars selected for their action research, please see their respective dissertations located in the Resource Section of this course, as well as available with other Educational Leadership dissertations at the Lamar University library site.

Background — Developing Your Action Research Plan Overview The first two weeks provided a variety of readings, lectures, interviews and activities that helped students recognize the importance of action research in addressing many needed topics or areas of need in schools.

I have clearly defined my proposed research question and activities, and feel I have the skills and resources available to me to conduct this inquiry. Teachers will plan lessons in a new, more-effective manner and perceptions about best-practice campus-wide will be expanded and transformed.

Does the hands-on interaction of elementary students with Promethean boards have a positive impact on student performance? Having a positive relationship with teachers results in higher outcome.

You will also have an opportunity to study some additional strategies to sustain and support your action research. And How can I best help an out-of-field teacher succeed? Additionally, I will collaborate with my direct supervisor in order to determine the implications of this research on the methods by which the campus instructional technology specialist team provides support and mentorship.

What happens to the kindergarten students when they progress to the next grade level? My first order of business on Monday November 5,will be to ascertain why this is happening.

Student briefly describes a research question or problem statement, but does not discuss the rationale or research leading to the development of the question or statement.

What role does a weekly schoolwide meeting play in creating a caring school culture? The three leaders are: After reviewing data and analyzing the low scores of the bottom quartile, the students whose scores were declining were the ESE students as well as the lower socio-economic students.

Blog Reflection — Please remember to post at least one reflection or comment regarding lessons learned from Week Two on your blog. By themselves, pedagogy and content are not sufficient to prepare effective future teachers.

If you cannot meet face to face with your site supervisor at this time, select 3 topics or questions you are considering for your action research project and email or communicate those to your site supervisor and ask for some feedback.

Will I have all the necessary data to adequately develop an intervention plan to maximize student achievement? The only thing he wanted me to work on was to develop a specific schedule to execute the plan; he is really excited to review the outcome of my action research project.

The box will expand as you type. Select and obtain permission from 3 teachers from each site to conduct action research with. We will reference these texts as the Dana text and the Harris et al.

Data will be collected on an ongoing and a fluid basis throughout the and school term, and beyond. Question Which Invites Action Inquiry: If one subpopulation is identified as being particularly challenged in a certain subject area s then it is nothing short of insanity, to assume that if teachers make no changes in instruction, somehowmiraculously — student outcomes will improve dramatically from year to year.

Jenkins were very insightful.Here is the best resource for homework help with EDLD Research Methods at Lamar University. Find EDLD study guides, notes, and practice tests from. Debra B. Harris L September 10, Week 2 Assignment: Background – Real Life Research Action Examples Overview Last week students had an opportunity to examine the differences in action research and traditional research.

EDLD Research Allen David Bordelon ET Cohort 5 July 18, Page 3 of 11 Rubric Use the following Rubric to guide your work on the Week 1 Assignment. Miguel Leija/ EDLD / 08/01/ Week 3 Assignment: Background – Developing Your Action Research Plan.

Overview. The first two weeks provided a variety of readings, lectures, interviews and activities that helped students recognize the importance of action research in addressing many needed topics or areas of need in schools.

View Homework Help - AC Week 2 Assignment agronumericus.com from EDLD at Lamar University. EDLD Research Week 2 Assignment 1 Overview Last week candidates had the opportunity to poll colleagues.

William Lee Littles. Algebra 2/Geometry Teacher. EDLD – 2AN. Assignment for the week of October 21, – October 28, Week 3 Assignment: Background – Developing Your .

Edld 5301 week 2 assignment
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