Livelihood system among koyas

This language does not have a script and Telugu script is commonly used to write this language. In general, they are reserved in behaviour and often do not trust people from the plains. They are often dressed in colourful clothes which are studded with mirrorsbeads and other decorative items.

This knowledge was passed on through generations and it played an important role in the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. In the year four new taluks were formed viz.

Language The people of Koya tribe speak a language called Koi or Koya. The men put Bison Horns on head and wear colourful skirts. Encroachment of forest resources and alienation of community land has restricted the scope of their participation in the livelihood.

Its Lexicon is very much limited. It is in this context that we intend to research the issues in resettlement and rehabilitation, covering pre- relocation, post resettlement, and the process in between, to see what issues may exist.

The ethnic agriculture has given place for modern agriculture, with high-yielding varieties replacing the traditional ones. They even translated Bible into Koi language and are preaching them.

In a new taluk with Sathupalli as headquarters was carved out from Madhira and Kothagudem taluks. Photograph taken at study site Findings: The persons to be interviewed were selected based on Judgment sampling, where we went beyond the main road of the village where the authorities took us to, and interviewed persons living in the homes in the nearby lanes.

The Koyas have an interesting dance form in which the men tie buffalo or bison horns on their heads, wear traditional costumes and beat large sized drums, while the women wearing traditional costumes dance prettily in a circular formation with their hands clasped with each other.

Limitation of the study: They emphasize on equality and collectively while using natural resource. The scheduled tribes have been facing many socio-economic and psychological problems since historical times. Their dialect is Koru but Hindi is also commonly spoken among them.

They speak a dialect that is part of Gond language considered to be a major Dravidian group of languages. But many of the tribes identify themselves as Hindus and even worship Hindu Gods and Goddesses. Apart from that what other resources are available to them.

Bangladeshi refugees possess higher agricultural technology and they have expertise in wet-rice cultivation. These animals constitute the food items which give them protein.Livelihood Vulnerability and Coping Strategies among the Karrayu Pastoralists of Ethiopia Sileshi Mengistu Department of Civics and Ethical Studies, Arba Minch University, Ethiopia, e-mail: food security constitutes a system of broader livelihood security and sustainability, in which the management of risk and vulnerability are critical.

Livelihood system among koyas Essay. INTRODUCTION In the phase of globalization the question of livelihood has captured all the points of discussion - Livelihood system among koyas Essay introduction. Various people have defined livelihood differently.

livelihood system among koyas. globalization the question of livelihood has captured all the points of discussion.

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Various people have defined livelihood differently. Chambers and Conway (). The phratry structure of Koyas is identical with the phratry system of Gonds and are divided into 1) Mudava gatta, 2) Nalgava gatta, 3) Idava gatta, 4) Arava gatta and 5) Yedava gatta.

These divisions are exogamous and are meant mainly to regulate marital alliances and other family relations. The livelihood of Koyas is mainly agriculture though they would do Podu, (i.e. slash and burn technique) and collect the local forest produce like tamarind, emblics, honey, Palm kernels and.

This Paper highlights the socio-cultural History of. the Gonds of Middle India (Gondwana) since th.

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to mid th. Koyas etc. The ruling class among the Gonds was known as Raj. Gonds. The Raj Gonds were the direct. defined revenue system among the Gond kingdoms [2].

Livelihood system among koyas
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